How Dr Knabl can make
your nose aesthetically perfect.

Aesthetic & functional nose reshaping

The form and shape of the nose are at the centre of the visual appearance of the face. A nose that is too big or noticeably crooked can greatly affect self-confidence. Aesthetics are not the only reason why patients come to see Dr Jörg Knabl in Vienna. Functional corrections are just as important.

At Dr Knabl’s practice, we give you the full details of what you can expect from your nose surgery and show you a computer simulation of the planned shape so you know what to expect. This 3D computer simulation is part of the consultation regarding your rhinoplasty and you’ll have the chance to discuss it with Dr Knabl himself.

What you need to know about rhinoplasty

Duration of the operation:
approx. 50 minutes
Type of anaesthetic:
general anaesthetic
Day clinic or inpatient treatment:
inpatient with one overnight stay or day clinic
10 days
none visible
Work while seated:
next day
after 10 days
after 8 weeks
indirect exposure from 10 days post-op, direct exposure after 3 weeks
Special care:
plaster cast for 10 days, then plaster for 6 weeks following complete nose surgery
€ 2,384 (hospital and anaesthetic) plus € 7,599 (fees, consultation and practice fees, tax)

General information about rhinoplasty

In plastic surgery, we distinguish between cosmetic and functional nose surgery. Cosmetic rhinoplasty improves the shape of the nose. This could involve straightening a hump, making the nose narrower or more delicate, or even shorter.

Cosmetic nose surgery (reshaping)

A cosmetic correction of the nose during an operation serves to remove unwanted shapes, such as a hump. The intention is not to change the typical appearance of the face very much as a whole. This is a very important point and a significant part of the consultation with Dr Knabl. The computer simulation will help you discuss what you want just as much as what you don’t want. Not all wishes are advisable and Dr Knabl will help you plan an outcome that is realistically possible and aesthetically pleasing. Depending on the severity of the nasal deformation, you may require varying surgical steps and procedures. Dr Knabl will explain the different steps required for your operation:

  • Removing humps
  • Reshaping a crooked or long nose
  • Reducing the width of a wide nose
  • Reshaping the tip of the nose
  • Refining the shape of the nostrils
  • Reducing the size of the nasal concha

Are there alternatives to surgical rhinoplasty? 
Yes, you may be able to reshape small irregularities on the bridge of the nose by injecting dermal fillers, but a deformation or functional impairment of the nose can only be corrected surgically.

Functional nose surgery

Functional rhinoplasty aims to improve your ability to breathe through the nose.

Before your surgery

During your first consultation to discuss reshaping your nose, Dr Jörg Knabl will examine you and show you the computer-generated images of the desired result. You’ll get a visual impression of what your reshaped nose may look like and you’ll be able to discuss your wishes for your nasal surgery with your doctor.

Dr Knabl will also need to know about your general health and previous surgeries so that he can accurately assess any risks the procedure may involve.

Types of nose surgery

To avoid visible scarring, Dr Knabl always performs closed rhinoplasty, i.e., from inside the nostril. The exact surgical procedure, and how long your recovery will take from the operation itself, to initial healing and final results is very individual. On average, you should expect the operation to last around 50 minutes. We recommend spending a night in hospital to ensure that you receive optimal care in the first hours after the procedure. The nurses will be happy to help you anytime should you need assistance. You hardly experience any pain after rhinoplasty.

After the surgery

If you’ve had your entire nose reshaped, you’ll have to wear a plaster cast for the first 10 days after the surgery. Try not to arrange any important appointments during this time and take it easy. Once the plaster cast is removed, you’ll already be able to see the results, just keep in mind that your nose will still be prone to swelling.

To give yourself the best chance of achieving the result you want, Dr Knabl recommends wearing a plaster for a further six weeks. It’s not very noticeable and will help you achieve an optimal result.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my nose be swollen after surgery?

The initial swelling, particularly around your eyes, will go within 10 to 12 days. After that, you can expect stress-related swelling to last up to a year, or three years where there is a lot of thick skin. Therefore, it’s important that you remain under the care of your surgeon until you’ve achieved optimal results.

How long do I need to stay in hospital after rhinoplasty?

You can usually leave the hospital after a few hours. Since many of our patients travel from further afield, our package includes an overnight stay to ensure they receive all the care they need.

When will I be able to apply make-up to my nose post-surgery?

You’ll be able to use make-up once the plaster cast has been removed. I’d recommend not using make-up any earlier.

Is it possible to make my nose larger?

There are two ways to make the nose larger, either with hyaluronic acid or with cartilage grafts (e.g., by taking cartilage from the ear).

What should I expect after nasal reshaping?

You should take it easy until the plaster cast is removed. You’ll be able to start exercising again afterwards, but be careful with ball games and contact sports until 8 weeks post-op since any impact may dislodge bone fragments.

Will I have visible scarring after rhinoplasty?

We always perform rhinoplasty internally, i.e. from the inside of the nostril, to avoid external scarring.

What will the result of my nose surgery look like?

We’ll generate a computer simulation during your consultation so that you know what to expect. Dr Knabl will show you what’s advisable and doable and you’ll have the chance to tell him what you’d like. You can expect the result to be an approximation of the simulation.

What will the first days after my rhinoplasty be like?

Initially, you should expect some swelling and bruising. This is totally normal, and it will improve over time, disappearing about a fortnight post-op in most patients.

How long do I have to wait before I can go out in the sun, do sports or go to the sauna after my rhinoplasty?

Since direct exposure to the sun, the heat in a sauna, or the light on a sunbed can exacerbate the swelling after nose surgery, it’s best to avoid these for a few weeks. Normal exercise is fine after 10 days.

When will I be able to wear my glasses again post-op?

You’ll be able to start wearing your glasses about 10 days after your surgery.

Some exceptions include surgeries to straighten the nose, after which you shouldn’t wear glasses for several weeks.

Who provides the aftercare once I’ve had my rhinoplasty?

Once you’ve had your nose surgery, you’ll see Dr Knabl again for your aftercare appointments.

You should expect swelling and bruising post-op, but in most cases this will reduce within a fortnight.

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About Dr. Jörg Knabl

Dr Jörg Knabl is an internationally recognised specialist for plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. In his work, he focuses on ensuring his patients’ well-being and on helping them achieve the appearance they want. It’s why so many patients travel from all over the world to see Dr Knabl in Vienna. You can trust that he’ll provide the right advice thanks to his significant experience as a doctor and his particular sense for aesthetics. Dr Knabl always provides his patients with personal and comprehensive care. It goes without saying that he’ll perform your surgery himself.

Dr Knabl accepts nothing but the very highest quality standards. That means the surgery is carefully planned and you’ll receive comprehensive care before, during and after the procedure, as well as the choice of the very best clinic.

He is transparent about pricing and you can expect a comprehensive overview of the costs BEFORE you commit to the surgery. Of course, your post-op appointments are already included in the overall costs.

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Contact & Directions

Ordination Dr. Jörg Knabl

  Fleischmarkt 18/7 | 1010 Wien

  +43 1 513 84 36
+43 1 513 84 36 43

Consultations upon request.
An initial consultation with Dr Knabl costs 60 euros.

  Book your initial consultation online

Some appointments for initial consultations are available for you to book directly here online. If you’d like to arrange a consultation at another time, please give us a call.

  Arrange your initial consultation by phone

We can offer you additional /more flexible appointments by phone than through the online booking system.

Public transport

Dr Knabl’s practice is just a five-minute walk from the ‘Schwedenplatz’ underground station (U1, U4) and a ten-minute walk from the ‘Stephansplatz’ (U1, U3) or ‘Stubentor’ (U3) stations.

Parken bei Dr. Knabl Where to park for your consultation with Dr Knabl

Capricorno car park, Franz Josefs Kai parking garage or Georg Cochplatz parking garage.